Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies (Arkitech) has been developing light gauge steel framer machines and associated design and manufacturing software based on ten years of experience in light steel construction and continuous R&D activities. Our strong background in the light gauge steel sector enabled us to establish a  very sophisticated and fully automated system to provide the most effective and reliable solution for structures made of cold-formed steel. Arkitech System guarantees low cost production with its highly accurate CAD design and manufacturing capabilities. Our customers all over the world have been benefiting from our fully integrated 3D Design Software, Panel Manufacturing Software and Mobile Computer Numerical Controlled machines without any trouble for many years. Arkitech develops its own design software (Arkitech Design & Detailing Software), manufacturing software (Arkitech Panel Software) and rollforming machines (Arkitech Framers) therefore the customers are able to receive all system components from the same place within a short period of time. All mechanical parts of the Framers are manufactured to the highest quality at Arkitech factory, and external parts such as motor and electronics are integrated using the products of reputable European brands. Arkitech’s technical team provides support on design software and Framer machines.