Arkitech’s Design and Detailing Software (Arkitech) is a powerful and flexible design tool which has been specifically developed for light gauge steel construction.

All design work can be completed by Arkitech, from low level villas to multi-level or split level complex structures.

The program has a user friendly 3D visual interface and contains many helpful geometric tools. It has specific features which allows the user to view production processes (hydraulic operations on panel members) and different perspectives of the 3D structure with or without sheathing. 

DXF extension files can be imported into Arkitech and all structural members can be created accordingly and automatically by choosing templates from the program’s library. There are also other straight forward options of creating the 3D structure from 2D architectural drawings which are imported, or from the axis lines that are manually created.

There are automatic clash checks between members within a panel and between individual panels. Frame size and minimum length check functions exist. The user can take the bill of material reports for steel quantities, rivet/screw usage, cladding areas etc. from the software’s outputs.

When the design is complete, separate DXF files can be exported for 3D and plan views, and assembly drawings, etc. Manufacturing files are exported from the final model and the user can also carry the Arkitech models to Arkitech Mobile Viewer.

Arkitech also generates the results of static analysis such as deflections and joint reactions. For this calculation the user should define materials, load cases, load combinations and apply these loads onto the model. To complete the structural design, user can export the analysed panel to SAP2000 software with all nodes connected mode .